Successful operations and quality employees lead many Sac County businesses to expand operations. Affordable operating costs allow companies to invest in expansion. Local communities, SETD staff, and advisors from Region XII Council of Governments, Iowa Department of Economic Development and other agencies work with existing and new businesses to help tailor sources of funding to every need. Tax abatements, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), utility costs, and land acquisition are all negotiable for the many projects.  Community leaders are experienced with grant applications and excited to work with investors to help transform projects from a dream into reality.


Sac County Endowment Foundation

The mission statement of the Sac County Endowment Foundation (SCEF) is to develop and maintain an endowment fund for the good of Sac County by enhancing the quality of life aspects within the County’s communities. The Sac County Endowment Foundation was formed in 2005 and is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Carroll County.

Each year the Sac County Endowment Foundation receives funding from the Iowa Gaming revenue, as established by the 2005 County Endowment Fund under the Iowa Department of Economic Development.  Of these funds, 75% must be used for projects in the county and 25% must be retained in a permanent endowment fund intended to attract other donations and provide a source of permanent funding for charitable projects within the county.

The Foundation has addressed community issues, needs and opportunities to worthwhile projects across the County through the SCEF grant awards.  Eligible applicants include units of government and 501(c)(3) organizations in Sac County.  Special consideration is given to eligible applicants and projects that include significant vertical infrastructure components designed to enhance quality of life aspects within the local communities.

The SCEF is governed by a local board of directors who are active in our local communities.  Members of our board of directors are:  Dawn Potthoff, Wall Lake;   Nelda Bartels, Lytton;  Gary Wicker, Lake View; Lance Wilhelm, Sac City;  Rachael Partridge, Auburn;  Linda Godberson, Odebolt; Chris Mason, Early; and  Jim Wissler, Board of Supervisors.

Our goals in addition to assisting qualified organizations through grant distributions, encourage individual and corporate involvement through gifts and bequests, and to administer and invest funds for the creation of perpetual opportunities and services. The organization accepts gifts of cash, securities, CDs,  real estate, bequests through a will or trust, estate gifts, memorial gifts, restricted or unrestricted gifts, meaning that funds do not necessarily have to go to the endowment portion but may be designated for certain projects or communities.

Any individual, business, corporation or organization can make a contribution to the Sac County Endowment Foundation, either to be used for a specified project or to be retained in the permanent endowment fund.  Contributions qualify for the Endow Iowa tax credit on state of Iowa tax returns.

Many people come to a point in their lives where they feel inclined to give back.  For as many motivations as there are to give, there are several ways of giving.  The key to having a rewarding giving experience is finding the best ‘fit’  for an individual or organization’s charitable priorities, financial goals, and personal preferences.  SCEF wants to continue to encourage people to invest here in Sac County to make a difference.

We offer a wide range of giving options that can be used to establish or add to a charitable fund.  Establishing your own named fund does not require great wealth and is not complicated,  but does provide ongoing support during your lifetime, as a lasting legacy, or both.