There are many fun places around Sac County to enjoy golfing!

Sac Country Club

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Sac Country Club

Spring Lake Golf & Country Club

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Spring Lake Country Club

Tennis & Pickleball

There are many fun places around Sac County to enjoy tennis & pickleball!

South Park – Sac City

South Park in Sac City has been completely renovated with new pickleball and tennis courts in 2019, with the sport of pickleball becoming a popular sport in the area for players of all ages and skill levels. With court lighting and a new court surface, South Park offers some of the best pickleball and tennis gameplay in the area.

South Park Sac City

City Hall – Lake View

Pickleball can now be played at the City Hall in Lake View! Pickleball players can now enjoy winter gameplay in Sac County on the second floor of City Hall.

Disc Golf

Enjoy Disc Golf in Sac County!

Chautauqua Park – Sac City

The newly renovated Disc Golf Course in Sac City’s Chautauqua Park is fun for all ages and skill levels!

Disc Golf Chautauqua Park

Sac Community Center

The Sac Community Center is a great resource for the whole county, providing sporting events, exercise, weightlifting, swimming, and more activities for people of all ages.

The Sac Community Center also manages a new Lake View location, Black Hawk Fitness.

Sac Community Center