A Laborshed is defined as the area or region from which an employment center draws its commuting workers. To determine the approximate boundaries of the Sac County Laborshed area, local employers supplied the ZIP code listings of where each of their employees reside.

The laborshed analysis addresses underemployment, the availability and willingness of current and prospective employees to change employment within the workforce, current and desired occupations, wages, hours worked, and distance willing to commute to work.

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The following facts are available in the Sac County Laborshed

  • Current Employed Facts
  • Total Potential Laborforce Median Wages
  • Where do the applicants look for employment opportunities?
  • Educational Degrees/Fields of Study/Certifications/Vocational Trades.
  • Those Willing to Change Employment in the Laborshed area.
  • Commuting, Out-commuters
  • Survey Zones by ZIP Code
  • Underemployed, Unemployed, Homemakers, Retired Persons

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